Trabajos científicos
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Trabajos Científicos

SmoothShapes Treatment in Combination with Liposuction: A Case Report.
Dr. Miles Graivier
Atlanta, GA
Fat Liquefaction: Effect of Low-Level Laser Energy on Adipose Tissue
Rodrigo Neira, M.D., José Arroyave, B.S.C.E., T.E.M., S.E.M., Hugo Ramirez, M.V.,Clara Lucía Ortiz, M.D., Efrain Solarte, Dr. rer. nat., Federico Sequeda, Ph.D., and Maria Isabel Gutierrez, M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Selective Photothermolysis of Lipid-Rich Tissues: A Free Electron Laser Study
R. Rox Anderson, William Farinelli, Hans Laubach, Dieter Manstein, Anna N. Yaroslavsky, Joseph Gubeli III, MS, Kevin Jordan, PE, George R. Neil, Michelle Shinn, Walter Chandler, Gwyn P. Williams, , Steven V. Benson, David R. Douglas, and H.F. Dylla.
Multi-Center Study of SmoothShapes® System for Reduction of Thigh Circumferenc.
Michael Gold, Khalil A. Khatri, Kelley Hails, Robert A. Weiss, Nathalie Fournier.
Evalutaion of Noninvasive, Dual-Wavelength Laser-Suction anda massage device for the regional treatment of Cellulite.
Dr. Michael I. Kullick
San Francisco, California.
Reduction in thigh circumference and improvement in the appearance of cellulite with dual-wavelength, low-level laser energy and massage
Michael H. Golg, Khalil Khatri, Elley Hails, Robert A. Weiss and Nathalie Fournier.
Comparison of SmoothShapes vs VelaSmoooth study results.
Dr. Michael I. Kullick
San Francisco, California.
In vivo skin temperature measurement monitoring during SmoothShapes treatment of the abdomen.